Rant about serial numbers

Tracking the serial number of Pro-Ones allows buyers (and sellers) to see whether the instrument in question has been traded before. It also allows the provenance of a Pro-One to be recorded in a systematic way.
Perhaps understandably, some sellers are reluctant to reveal the serial # of their P1. The usual reason is that they are concerned that some fraudulent person will claim to be the legitimate owner and try to obtain the P1 through a legal process. I have never heard of a single instance where this sort of attempt has been successful. It is conceivable that the P1 you are selling might have been stolen at some point in the past, but the evidence required by the person making the claim would be significant - insurance records which I expect would have to be photographic, a police record of the crime and a some way of tracing the stolen item to the seller.

By not providing the serial #, you might argue that the seller is not 100% confident of the provenance of the instrument.
On the other hand, including the serial # allows buyers to see whether it has been sold before here on pro-one-synth.org and also has an impact on the value, as earlier j-wire keyboard models are more sought after.

I suspect that when sellers withold the serial #, it's often because they are worried about it being a later, membrane keyboard model and so they try to hide this fact. Much better to be up front about it rather than risk negative feedback from selling on a P1 with a flaky keyboard that has not been properly documented in the auction

What annoys me most are sellers that, when asked for the serial # are:

I am thinking about starting a Hall of Shame for sellers that decline to give the serial #. There are a few in the top-five sellers who I suspect are business people rather than genuine analogue synth enthusiasts.

Rant Over

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