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Section 4: Routine Maintenance

4—3 Opening

  1. Switch power off.
  2. Unplug power cord.
  3. Remove wooden side panels (2 screws each side).
  4. Remove three screws along front edge.
  5. Carefully slide top panel assembly forward. When front edge is clear of keys, lift it up just enough to allow clearance for your hand.
  6. Reach in and disconnect AC power connector running from back panel to underside of printed circuit board (PCB), at right. (When reconnecting, orient connector so the side through which you can see the metal contacts is visible).
  7. Also disconnect keyboard cable from PCB. (When reconnecting, the keyboard cable should be twisted so that the ribbon crosses over the board. If correct, the numbers 9-16 stamped on the connector will run along the PCB edge).
  8. Assembly is just the reverse of these steps.
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