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Section 3: Back Panel

3—1 Audio In

This jack allows an external audio input to be mixed and processed by the Pro-One's filter and amplifier. The input drives an internal envelope detector which generates a GATE once the input level has passed the threshold set by the MIXER NOISE/EXT knob. The GATE which is produced controls the filter and amplifier envelope generators. This GATE can also advance the arpeggiator or sequencer when these keyboard controls are selected. It overrides both the LFO/CLOCK and the GATE/CLK IN input (see below).

To enable the gate generator, REPEAT/EXT MODE must be selected. The input is very sensitive, being drivable by a microphone or electric guitar pickup. Line-level audio can overdrive the input. The principle for correct adjustment of the GATE generator is to set the MIX NOISE/ XT knob at the minimum level necessary for consistent or adequate gating. Observe the GATE LED for aid in adjustment.

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