About The Pro-One Basic Operation Front Panel Back Panel Routine Maintenance Service

Section 1: Basic Operation

1—7 In Case of Difficulty

To check that the Pro-One is receiving power, switch DRONE on. The GATE LED should light. If it doesn't, either power is not reaching the unit or the internal fuse has blown. First check the power source by plugging in other equipment. Examine the Pro-One's power cable for damage. To check fuse, see Section 4.

If the GATE LED lights but no sound can be obtained, check the front panel controls-- including VOLUME--carefully against a factory patch in Section 7.

If still no sound can be heard, try substituting the audio output cable with one known to be good.

Check your amplifier by trying a high-level audio input such as another synthesizer or an FM tuner.

Check headphones by trying them with a standard headphone output from a stereo amplifier.

If the SEQUENCER won't record, check that you didn't leave ARPEGGIATE on.

If you are having trouble recording or playing sequences or arpeggiating, it may help to reset the internal microcomputer by switching power off then back on after a moment. Note this will erase any sequences which you have recorded.

Other problems may be rectified by “user trim” procedures given under Section 4, Routine Maintenance.

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