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Section 1: Basic Operation

1—4 Mode

The MODE module contains a GATE indicator light-emitting diode (LED) to clarify operation in the various keyboard modes. And it eases adjustment of the external audio input GATE generator. (For more information, see paragraph 3-1.)

The NORMAL-RETRIG switch selects the envelope generator triggering mode. NORMAL means low-note priority with single triggering. That is, if you play more than one note at a time, the lowest note on the keyboard will be the one you will hear. Furthermore, all keys must be completely released before a new GATE (initiating new envelopes) will be produced. This allows you to selectively retrigger by touch. When switched to RETRIG (retriggering mode) a GATE will be produced whenever a new key is hit, regardless of its position on the keyboard or of the number of keys simultaneously held. In other words, the last key played will be the one you hear.

When switched up, the NORMAL-REPEAT/EXT switch repeatedly gates the envelope generators at a rate set by the LFO/CLOCK FREQUENCY knob. Activating this switch also enables the back-panel GATE/CLK IN input. When an external GATE is plugged into this jack, the LFO/CLOCK is overridden and the envelopes will be gated by the external GATE/C ~K IN input. This signal will also clock (advance) the arpeggiator or sequencer (see below).

The DRONE switch simply forces the GATE on, holding the envelope generators at their SUSTAIN level. DRONE overrides REPEAT. With REPEAT or DRONE on, hitting keys will not retrigger the envelope generators, but it will change the frequency of both oscillators (providing OSC B KYBD is switched up), and of the FILTER, (providing the KEYBOARD AMOUNT knob is advanced).

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