Q: My Pro-One is broken! Where can I get spare parts?

Have a look here:

Q: OK, my Pro-One is dead or broken or just not working like it's supposed to and I'm not a electronic tech wizard and I'm definitely not up for having a go at repairing it myself. To whom can I turn in this time of need ?

Pro-Ones are little gems of analog brilliance from the 1980s, to be cherished and revered. Do not, under any circumstances, let your mate who "knows a bit about electronics" open the case. Take it to a reputable synth engineer. Unfortunately, my preferred engineer (Tony Allgood, http://www.oakleysound.co.uk/ has recently announced that he is no longer doing repair work. This is such a shame because from my brief meetings with Tony, it was evident that what he doesn't know about analog synths can be written down on a very small piece of paper. He took a long time to repair stuff, but you were confident that your vintage kit was in good hands. What I need to do now is get a directory of people who are willing to do repair work on Pro-Ones plus some sort of feedback system. If you'd like to be in this directory, please get in touch

Q: Where can I buy a Pro-One?

Pro-Ones come up for sale regularly on eBay and tend to sell for between $500 and $1,000 depending on condition. Wine Country Sequential say that they sell reconditioned, warrantied Prophets, but I have no idea how regularly they can supply them.

Q: Where can I get one of those sexy walnut cases with the backlit mod and pitch wheels ?

Check this out:

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